Everything is Grace

Hi, I’m Dean. I started this site years ago to publish and promote my music. But in the last few years I have had a radical change in my life. I am now a seminarian for the archdiocese of Johannesburg, studying in Rome, Italy! So now while this website is still all about the music, it’s also about my story, my ongoing journey of discernment and preparation for the priesthood, and my thoughts and experiences of the love of God. Click around, I hope you enjoy it!

Recent Posts:

Love: Italians Have it Easy

So I have had just over a year of living and studying in Rome. Learning italian and, at the same […]

How Music Changed my Life

I was a really shy kid so it took a lot of effort, but in the end I built up the courage to show up one evening at band practice just to see what it was like…

Saying goodbye to St Charles

This Sunday my parents sent me a message on whatsapp. They said that they had just been to their last 17:30 mass at Victory Park. It was a hard thing to hear…