In 2010 I released an album of self-written Christian worship songs with a help from some of my friends. I called it Arms Open Wide. You can listen to some of the songs here and you can even buy the entire album online by following the album cover below. Watch this space for more videos and songs. Enjoy!

Painted Wings – the Story

I wrote this song for my gran, Shirley, who suffered with Alzheimer’s for years and for my mom; Sharon, who cared for her right until the end. This song represents the message that I wanted to send to my gran and the words that I wanted to say to my mom when my grandmother finally passed away. They both suffered a lot during those years and it was a really tough time for us all. But we have come to realise that there is no suffering that God cannot use. He uses our sufferings to make us stronger, more compassionate, more honest, more real, more united and open to His divine plan… if we allow Him that space to move. There is always hope.

We miss you gran, thank you for loving us so selflessly in every way that you knew how. Pray for us as we try to do the same every day.

Arms Open Wide Tracklist:

01 How Great 4:16

02 Arms Open Wide 3.33

03 Light From Light 3:14

04 Back for Help 3:58

05 Hosanna 3:48

06 Adoration 3:32

07 Painted Wings 5:34

08 Stunned Silent

09 Redeemed 4:26

10 Stand Up! 3:42

11 Praise the Lord 3:27

12 The End Will Never Come 3:30