Over the last few years, there have been a few things that I have read; watched or listened to that have been game changers for me. They were things that changed the way that I understand God, love, faith and the Church. I stumbled upon most of these resources online (and many of them are free) so I decided to share my favourite ones here. There are some really powerful videos, talks and posts here, I hope you find something helpful!

Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

This video helped me to really understand evil, freedom and love for the very first time and how God allows evil. Be careful not to jump to conclusions right away, or stop watching… give it time to sink in!

Falling Plates

I can’t say much, you just have to watch it. This is a video about LIFE, DEATH, and the LOVE of a Savior

The Problem of Moral Relativism

Pope Benedict XVI called relativism the greatest evil of our time. Give this video a watch to learn more… are you a moral relativist?

Fr Larry Richard’ Men’s Conference Talk

Are you Christian man? Watch this video, it will change your life! Father Larry is the perfect priest to talk to guys… be a man!

Why a Protestant Pastor Became Catholic

So this one is NOT FREE. But it is worth it. This is the most listened to Catholic audio recording on the planet and tells the story of how Scott Hahn literally discovered the Catholic Church through the bible

Faith, Family, and the Early Church

This one also isn’t free. But it it is also really worth it! Ever wondered how the early Church managed to hold off persecution and spread to the ends of the earth? This talk got me to think about how it all went down and how we can use this model for evangelisation today.

Emotional Virtue – Sarah Swafford

An interesting take on the intricacies in the relationships between guys and girls and what that means for you and me.

Why do Women do that?

Understanding What Chick Flicks And Love Songs Have To Do With Chastity

Chris Stefanick

This one is also not free, but if you want to hear a compelling talk about the beauty of God’s plan for love, life and sex give this a listen. This really helped me to join the dots and see the bigger picture of why the Church’s teaching not only makes sense but it is actually really beautiful.

Bishop Robert Baron

This one is not free. it is a little deeper than the other talks here but is pure gold if you are looking to understand sin and grow in virtue through the lens of Dante’s divine Comedy.

Everything – Lifehouse

So this is an old video but it is still powerful. Enjoy!

Dating Advice – Jason Evert

Ok so this is a fun one… but why is dating complicated?