Never Lose the Mystery – The Most Holy Trinity

In today’s throw away culture, once a relationship loses “the mystery”, the advice I have often heard thrown around is “move on” or “mix things up”. As misguided as this advice is… it tells us something about our hearts… we long for mystery. It is important to us. While someone is mysterious they hold our attention, they keep us interested, they captivate us. And if we analyze our feelings, we may find that we don’t want that sense of mystery to end – we long for the infinite. We search for it in finite things, but ultimately, we were MADE FOR the Mystery that can’t be “lost” – the eternal exchange of love that is the Holy Trinity!

In some ways coming to know God is like getting to know anyone: when it comes down to it, you can only start really getting to the heart of who someone is, when you speak to them, come into contact with them, form a relationship with them. The mystery of the human person can only be revealed to you by that person, himself or herself (when they open up, respond and let you in). It is the same way with God (and more so since it is we who are made in His image and likeness), we cannot know anything of the inner life of the Holy Trinity by our own intellect or reason – God reveals Himself to us through our relationship with Him (this is what the bible is all about right? The development of man’s relationship with God).

No matter how well you know someone there is always an element of mystery to them, there is always something of them that can’t be known, even if you feel like you know everything about them. That’s because that person is made in the image of the infinite, the Mystery who is Mystery, the Most Holy Trinity. In order to look at the sun you need some kind of veil, and with God there is always going to be a veil. As we journey further in our relationship with Him though, God is pulling back that veil until one day we will enter into that eternal, infinite exchange of love that is the Holy Trinity… the only place that we will know the mystery of God, from within… and that is what we call heaven.

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The hymn “Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty!” was composed by Reginald Heber and is in the public domain.

Never lose the “mystery” – The Most Holy Trinity

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