Arms Open Wide

  1. How Great 04:16
  2. Arms Open Wide 03:33
  3. Light from Light 03:13
  4. Back for Help 03:58
  5. Hosanna 03:47
  6. Adoration 03:32
  7. Painted Wings 05:34
  8. Stunned Silent 03:11
  9. Redeemed 04:26
  10. Stand Up! 03:42
  11. Praise the Lord 03:26
  12. The End Will Never Come 03:30
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“Created for Love” is song I wrote with my friend Mila about love, purpose and living in a world that has forgotten what love means.

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“You are” is a song I wrote from the perspective of God the Father who comforts us with the intimacy of a best friend and dad.

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“Empower me” is a song I wrote for a Life teen Empower conference my friends held in Pietermaritzburg, SA.

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Many years ago, and much hair ago, I wrote this song about the experience of loving God and being open to His plan for my life.

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